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Care Without The Commute

Primary Care Plus is making care even more convenient, we offer Virtual Care (a.k.a telehealth services) so patients can connect with clinicians from the comfort of their home or wherever is convenient. Virtual Care is provided by TeamHealth VirtualCare.


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How Virtual Care Works


We want you to feel comfortable with your Virtual Care experience. You have options for a video visit or phone call. TeamHealth VirtualCare provides telehealth services that offer diagnosis and treatment plan for most common conditions in about an hour.

Currently not covered by insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. Out of pocket cost up to $65.

Start a virtual visit using your smartphone or computer and tell us your symptoms

Speak with a clinician

Receive a diagnosis and treatment plan

Video Call


Join a real-time, face-to-face interaction with your clinician via a secure video platform. Your clinician will provide a diagnosis and treatment plan during the discussion.


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Phone Call


Speak with your clinician in real-time via a secure telephone device.

Your clinician will provide a diagnosis and treatment plan during the discussion.


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Virtual care visits are provided by TeamHealth VirtualCare. TeamHealth VirtualCare is founded on providing quality medical care. TeamHealth VirtualCare clinicians can virtually diagnose and treat common non-emergent injuries and illnesses. By clicking the Start a Visit, you are leaving our site and being directed to another third-party site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virtual Care? 

Virtual Care refers to the “virtual visits” that take place between patients and clinicians through communications technology. This digital connectivity allows “virtual” meetings to occur in real-time, from separate locations, and only requires an internet connection.


Who can use Virtual Care?

TeamHealth VirtualCare is available for patients of all ages. However, some specialized conditions are more safely treated by video and or in-person.


What symptoms are best for Virtual Care?

Please refer to the What We Treat section of the TeamHealth VirtualCare website. If we feel that we cannot safely provide you care at any time during your visit, we’ll share advice on your care options for free.


Can more than one person be seen during the Virtual Care visit?

Only one person can be registered and seen per visit. Please register each patient so the clinician can see each patient separately. Please note in the comments section that you currently have more than one person registered and the registered patient’s name(s) to help the clinician see multiple patients within a similar timeframe.


Does Virtual Care offer prescription refill visits?

Yes, TeamHealth VirtualCare offers visits for prescription refills. The Online Interview will have you headed to the pharmacy without having to wait. Whether allergy season snuck up on you or you are headed out of town and need to prevent motion sickness, TeamHealth VirtualCare can help! TeamHealth VirtualCare cannot prescribe controlled substances.